Меню Затваряне

About the project

Project title: Bike and Wine
Lead Partner: ARRBC, Vidin, Bulgaria
Partner: Soul of the Balkans, Knjaževac, Serbia
Priority Axis: Sustainable tourism
Specific objective: People – from people to people
Project objectives: Development of bike and wine tourism, capacity building among local stakeholders for offering this new type of tourism product and raising awareness among locals for different positioning of the cross-border area.

Project activities

„The project will develop 2 studies – The State of Biking and Winemaking, which identifies local actors in bike and wine tourism and the development of bike and wine routes. During two cross-border workshops with local stakeholders, these results will be further refined and considered. A Guide for the Development of Bike and Wine Routes will be made, a Video Guide to Vine & Bike Tourism will be produced, and stakeholder capacity will be improved through 2 trainings – for sommeliers and for marketing of tourism products. Stakeholders will build capacity and improve networking to offer a new tourism product.
The Bicycle and Wine Festival will promote the newly developed route and raise awareness.

Project results and outputs

2 press conferences, 2 studies produced, 2 cross-border workshops organized for local stakeholders; guide and video guide with 6 short films developed, 2 trainings organized for capacity building of local stakeholders, organized 1 traveling bicycle and wine tourism workshop, organized 1 bicycle and wine festival with 100 participants.

Target Groups

The target groups are mainly interested in bicycles and wine. Entities and persons providing bicycle rentals and services and producing wine or offering wine tastings or typical local wines are – restaurants, boarding houses, tourist companies, wineries, wine producers, bicycle rentals or repairs, associations.